Direction & Traffic


1. How to reach 连环夺宝网站


From Jinggangshan Airport

Jinggangshan Airport is located 50 kilometers south to the downtown area of the city. From the airport, one can fly directly to some major destinations home, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Changsha, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Xi’an Nanning etc.

There is a shuttle bus from the airport to City Bus Station and it takes about 50 minutes to make a one way trip.

Shuttle Bus information: (bus fare: 20 yuan RMB for one way)

From JGS Airport to Ji’an: 10:30 12:00 13:30 15:30 17:30 19:00
From Ji’an to JGSU Airport:  07:30

   After you arrive at downtown Bus Station which is situated right in the city, you may take a taxi to the university. It takes about RMB 150 yuan.

From Ji’an Railway Station

Ji’an railway station is just about 2 kilometers away from the university, which makes it very convenient to travel to and from Ji’an by train. After your arrival at the the railway station, you may take a taxi to the university. 

2. Getting around the City

Most buses use one ticket and the price is generally:
RMB 1 yuan for non-air-conditioned buses
RMB 2 yuan for air-conditioned buses
RMB 3 to 5yuan for nearby suburbs buses
Most buses are non-conductor ones and do not provide change, so passengers have to prepare some change before getting on the bus, or you can use the IC card for public transportation.

The taxi fare is based on the mileage according to the meter. The starting price is 6 RMB yuan for the first 3 KM and 2 yuan per Km after that.


WHENEVER YOU TAKE A TAXI, PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO GET A RECEIPT FROM THE CAB DRIVER. There are car numbers on the receipt. Once your belongings are left on the cab, this receipt would help you to get them back